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ATEPAA Buildings House Models

The ATEPAA house is a symbol of modernity, functionality and elegance. Our houses are designed with attention to the smallest details, combining innovative architectural solutions with high quality of workmanship. Houses in the form of a modern barn, single-story houses with a flat and envelope roof. Houses equipped with turnkey furniture, ecological. passive and zero energy.

Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing.

Our & Our Retailers commitments

Our & Our Retailers commitments For ARTISAN, innovation is synonymous with sustainability. Under the ART initiative, ARTISAN commitments can be grouped into three broad categories: Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing. Governed by the ARTISAN executive committee as well as a newly established Corporate Social Responsibility committee that counts on the guidance of external experts, the Manufacture is embarking on a new chapter where its impact on the environment and people is central to the brand's decision-making.