Choosing a wooden frame house is therefore an ecological decision that fits into a sustainable lifestyle

planned and sustainable process

The process of building an ecological frame house from ATEPAA Buildings is a carefully planned and sustainable process that starts from the design stage and ends with a ready-to-live-in house. Here is a general description of this process:

1. Design:

Our design specialists begin to create a comprehensive house design in accordance with the client's expectations and ecological standards. At this stage, we take into account innovative frame technology, selection of ecological materials and energy-saving solutions.

2. Preparation of the area and foundations:

After the design is approved, we begin preparing the site for construction. We carry out works related to the preparation of foundations, taking into account the specificity of the terrain and the stability of the ground.

3. Frame construction:

Then we proceed to the assembly of the frame structure. We use advanced technology to create a solid, durable wooden structure that ensures not only durability, but also flexibility in space arrangement.

4. External finish and insulation:

After installing the frame, we begin the external finishing, taking into account appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation. We focus on ecological materials that ensure optimal insulation, reducing energy consumption.

5. Interior installations and finishing:

The next step is the installation of all necessary systems, such as electricity, heating, ventilation, as well as interior finishing according to the client's wishes. Here we care not only about functionality, but also aesthetics.

6. Tests and final adjustments:

After completing the work, we perform tests to ensure that all installations operate efficiently and meet ecological standards. We make final adjustments in accordance with any customer comments.

7. Putting the house into use:

At the final stage, the client receives a house ready to live in, which meets the highest ecological standards, is functional and ready for many years of comfortable use.