individual house design


Tailored to your needs


Dream house - ready-made project or individual effort?

Are you facing a dilemma: choose a ready-made house design available online, or choose an individual design tailored to your needs? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the perfect solution depends on many unseen factors.

Remember - choosing a house design is a decision that should be made based on individual needs and expectations. Remember that a house is an investment for years, so it is worth spending time finding the perfect solution. Additionally, it is worth considering using the services of an experienced team that will help you make the final decision and guide you through the entire process of building a house.

  • Before you buy, check whether you can build a house according to the selected design
  • design to be adapted to our requirements and technical requirements
  • changes introduced to adapt the project to your needs
  • consent of the project author to make changes to the finished project
  • additional cost in case of changes in the structure and statics of the building
  • additional costs of making changes to industry projects
  • full and complete documentation after changes, which we submit to the office.
  • lack of full possibilities for changes and technical solutions that affect the real construction costs
  • matching the budget only by limiting the contractor's scope of work
  • house according to your requirements regarding the functional layout
  • a house designed for a specific budget
  • a house whose construction costs are optimized at the design stage
  • this is the work of experienced designers/architects
  • is consistent with the local development plan or WZ
  • full and complete documentation that we submit to the office

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