A modern factory and an experienced team


Thanks to our ability to produce both houses and furniture, we offer clients the opportunity to create complete, coherent and captivating residential designs.

We employ 190 people in 10 departments

We are part of the atepaa Group

Our company specializes in the production of innovative, ecological frame houses that are both functional and environmentally friendly. Our unique production technology allows us to create high-quality homes using ecological and sustainable materials. What distinguishes us from other construction companies is the fact that we have our own furniture factory, which offers designer and functional interior design solutions. Thanks to this, we not only build houses, but also comprehensively equip them with furniture tailored to the individual needs and preferences of our clients.

Each wall element is precisely prepared and assembled

Prefabrication of walls

Welcome to our advanced stud wall assembly line, which is an integral part of the production of our eco-friendly prefabricated homes.

Our frame wall assembly process is based on advanced technology, which guarantees not only high quality but also efficiency in production. Each wall element is precisely prepared and assembled, ensuring not only a solid structure, but also speed of construction.

Our assembly line is a place where an innovative approach to prefabrication is combined with care for the environment. We use ecological materials that not only meet the requirements for durability, but are also nature-friendly, minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Our specialists supervise every stage of installation, ensuring that each stud wall meets our rigorous quality standards. Thanks to automated processes and the experience of our team, we can ensure not only speed, but also reliability in the production of walls ready for installation.

A process that combines the precision of prefabrication with the speed and efficiency of construction.

House assembly on construction site

Assembling a house on a construction site using previously prepared frame walls is a process that combines the precision of prefabrication with the speed and efficiency of construction.

Our frame walls are prepared in advance, which allows us to significantly reduce the time needed to construct the house. When you arrive at the construction site, the individual elements are already completed, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the assembly process.

Our specialists supervise the entire assembly process, in which previously prepared walls are precisely assembled and connected, creating a solid structure of the house. Thanks to this approach, each element is carefully matched, which guarantees not only quick progress of work, but also the solidity of the entire structure.

Assembling a house using prefabricated frame walls not only saves time, but also guarantees high quality and minimizes the risk of construction errors. It is a method that combines the precision of factory production with flexibility and adaptation to the conditions of the construction site.

Constructors of houses, furniture and upholstered furniture

Own design department

The design and construction department is the heart of our creative machinery, where talented designers and constructors focus their talents to create unique and innovative solutions. It is here, in a dynamic environment that pulsates with inspiration, that our team designs not only refined furniture and upholstered furniture, but also modern modular houses.

Our furniture and upholstered furniture designers are artists in their field who constantly experiment with form, function and style.

Our modular house designers are specialists who have deep knowledge of both construction and advanced prefabrication technologies. Their task is to ensure not only the solidity and durability of the structure, but also to search for innovative solutions that enable the creation of functional, energy-efficient and aesthetic houses.

Cooperation between designers and constructors in our design and construction department is a harmonious combination of creativity and technical precision.

Modern and automated production

Own Furniture Factory

Welcome to our own factory, where craftsmanship combines with modern technology to create unrivaled furniture, wall coverings and collections of chairs, armchairs and sofas.

Our factory is a place where every step of production is carried out with passion and precision. We start with carefully selected materials, ensuring the quality and durability of our products. We create furniture that not only delights with its design, but also meets expectations in terms of functionality and comfort.

In our factory, innovative technologies meet hand finishing, creating unique wall coverings that give the space a unique character. Every detail is carefully planned and executed to create interiors that exude elegance and high standard.

Every chair, armchair or sofa that leaves our production lines is the result of the hard work of our experienced craftsmen and the use of the latest technologies. We focus on perfection in every detail to provide our customers with not only furniture, but also an experience of comfort and style.

A combination of technology and craftsmanship

Own upholstery and sewing shop

Our factory is a place where every detail matters. We start the production process with carefully selected materials, ensuring their quality and durability. Our upholstered furniture is not only a unique design, but also a combination of high-quality fabrics, comfortable fillings and solid structures, ensuring unrivaled comfort.

Our team consists of craft enthusiasts who have not only the skills, but also the technical knowledge needed to create furniture of the highest quality. Each process, from fabric cutting to manual finishing, is carried out with attention to detail and precision to provide our customers with products that delight not only with their appearance, but also with durability.

In our factory, innovative technologies go hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship. We strive to create not only upholstered furniture, but also experiences that combine elegance and comfort. Our collections reflect not only our passion, but also our attention to every detail to provide products that meet the highest expectations.

New factory no. 2 for the production of houses in Q42024

3,500 m2 of production hall, office and social rooms and an innovative showroom. Soon.