Modern holiday home

House Model AB27 V2

Modern aesthetics shows the possibilities offered by wooden construction.

Modern holiday home without permission - Model AB 27 V2

A unique holiday home with a modern form, not exceeding 35 m², without the need to obtain a permit, impresses with its gable roof and mezzanine. The interior has been designed for maximum functionality, offering a kitchen connected to the living room, an adjacent bathroom with a toilet and the flexibility to create a separate room, perfect for a bedroom.

The space inside this house is very practical, enabling comfortable use of every square meter. The kitchen with living room is a central place to spend time, while the possibility of separating a separate room into a bedroom ensures privacy and comfort of rest.

Thanks to the gable roof, the interior is optimally lit, which emphasizes the spacious character of the rooms. This modern holiday home is an ideal place for people who value practicality, functionality and a minimalist but modern lifestyle.

AB27 V2 House Model


The ground floor plan of the AB 27 V2 holiday house was created with functionality and comfort of the residents in mind. It harmoniously connects the zones.

House model AB27 v2


The AB27 V2 mezzanine floor plan focuses on ensuring functionality and comfort. This harmonious arrangement includes space for a comfortable bedroom.

Cross-section of the house

The cross-sectional shape of the modern building is perfectly adapted to residential and holiday functions.

Building height: 5.96 m

27.34 m2

14.91 x 12.36 m


2 rooms

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The structure, created using the latest ecological frame technologies, is a combination of tradition and modernity. Its walls made of solid KVH C24 wood are filled with mineral wool insulation, ensuring optimal thermal insulation with minimal impact on the environment. Covered both inside and outside with Fermacell boards, they provide a durable and ecological construction solution.

See below for more detailed information about the technology used in the AB121 model

Insulating the foundations on the ground side and around their perimeter with Styrodur is a step towards not only protecting against moisture, but also minimizing heat losses. This advanced insulation technology is a key element of the structure, ensuring optimal conditions for the home.

Insulating foundations with Styrodur from the ground side not only protects against moisture, but also a way to minimize heat loss from the inside of the house. This modern insulation not only protects against the negative effects of moisture from the external environment, but also creates a thermal barrier that helps maintain a stable temperature inside the building.

Additionally, thermal insulation around the perimeter of the foundations contributes to comprehensive thermal protection. This is extremely important because it reduces heat losses, ensuring effective use of heating energy. Thanks to this, the house remains warm in the colder months and heating costs can be significantly reduced.

In this way, the use of Styrodur in foundation insulation not only protects the building against moisture, but also supports optimal thermal conditions, which is a key element in ensuring the comfort and energy efficiency of the entire house.

Inter-story ceilings are structures that hold the secret of excellent acoustic insulation. Their construction is based on the use of many layers of different materials, which not only differ in density, but also have the ability to perfectly dampen sounds.

The internal layers of the ceilings have been carefully selected to create a sound barrier with the highest efficiency. The materials used not only absorb sounds, but also prevent them from penetrating between floors. This comprehensive multi-layer system effectively reduces noise, ensuring silence and comfort in any room.

The combination of different material densities is a key element in creating ceilings that not only separate spaces, but also protect against the penetration of sounds. This innovative design not only provides privacy, but also a calm atmosphere, even when different activities are taking place in different parts of the house.

These inter-story ceilings not only divide spaces, but also are an art of sound reduction. They are the hidden hero, ensuring harmony in the home and enabling comfortable use of space, without unwanted noise penetration.

Diffusion-open partitions are a key element ensuring optimal conditions inside the house. Their design allows for humidity regulation, while ensuring fire resistance, excellent acoustics and a friendly microclimate.

The open diffusivity of the partitions is a unique feature that allows for natural regulation of humidity inside the house. This flexibility allows you to maintain an optimal humidity level, which affects the comfort and health of residents by preventing excessive dryness or excess moisture in the air.

Additionally, the materials used to construct these partitions are fire-resistant, which is an important feature from the point of view of home safety. They provide an additional layer of protection, limiting the spread of fire and increasing evacuation time in the event of a fire.

Thanks to their acoustic properties, diffusion partitions reduce unwanted noise, creating peaceful interiors. This is important both for everyday comfort and for privacy, allowing household members to enjoy the silence in their surroundings.

These diffusion-open partitions not only regulate humidity, but are also versatile defenders, creating safe, comfortable and harmonious interiors. These are innovative solutions that not only care about the comfort of residents, but also about their safety and general health.

Wall cross-section:
1. Fermacell gypsum fiber board – 1.25 cm
2. Vapor barrier foil – 0.02 cm
3. KVH wooden structure – 16 cm
4. Mineral wool filling – 15 cm,
5. Fermacell gypsum fiber board – 1.25 cm

Diffusion-open partitions are an important element ensuring optimal conditions inside the house. Their structure enables natural humidity regulation, which translates into the comfort of residents and stable environmental conditions. The flexibility of these partitions allows you to maintain a healthy level of humidity, which affects the air quality and well-being of household members, eliminating potential problems related to excess or lack of moisture.

Additionally, the materials used ensure fire resistance, which is an important aspect of internal security. In the event of a possible fire threat, these partitions provide an additional layer of protection, delaying the potential spread of fire and giving more time for evacuation.

Their acoustic properties are also noteworthy because they reduce disturbing sounds from outside, which creates a calm atmosphere in the interior, conducive to silence and relaxation.

Wall cross-section:
1. Fermacell gypsum fiber board – 1.25 cm
2. KVH wooden structure – 16 cm (load-bearing wall) or 12 cm (partition wall)
3. Mineral wool filling – 10 cm,
4. Fermacell gypsum fiber board – 1.25 cm

The sloping roof, covered with elegant seam sheet metal, is a harmonious combination of functionality and modern design. This unique design not only gives the house a refined character, but also ensures thermal comfort and aesthetics in one.

Sheet metal is not only an expression of modernity, but also solidity and durability. Its minimalist yet stylish appearance fits perfectly with various architectural concepts, giving the buildings character and elegance.

In addition to visual values, pitched roofs with seam sheets offer thermal comfort. Their design allows you to maintain a stable temperature inside the house, protecting against excessive temperature fluctuations and ensuring an optimal climate in every part of the year.

This solution not only meets expectations in terms of aesthetics and modern design, but also ensures the comfort and convenience of residents. It is the perfect combination of functionality, elegance and innovation in one roof.

Construction - Layers:

1. Seam sheet metal
2. Impregnated roof battens – 4 cm
3. Impregnated counter battens – 2.5 cm
4. Highly vapor permeable roof membrane – 0.02 cm
5. KVH construction timber – 16 cm
6. Mineral wool filling – 15 cm
7. Metal system grate with mineral wool – 15 cm
8. Vapor barrier foil – 0.02 cm
9. Fermacell board 1.25 cm

A modern façade is the showcase of every building. Choosing the right plaster is a key element both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

In the project we present facades made of light clinker brick, but we also offer three types of plasters to choose from: mineral, silicate and silicone. Each of them provides not only an aesthetic appearance, but also protection of the facade against weather conditions, loss of color and the formation of fungi and mold.

Additionally, as an option, we offer ventilated cladding made of cladding or seam sheet metal. This innovative solution provides an additional protective layer for the façade, minimizing the impact of weather conditions on the building structure and enabling interesting design arrangements.

Each of these options not only emphasizes the modern character of the facade, but also meets functional requirements, ensuring durability and aesthetics for many years. This is a wide choice that allows you to tailor the façade to individual preferences and architectural needs, while creating a durable and visually attractive building environment.

Gas heating:
Heating a building with a gas boiler is the optimal choice when we have access to gas. This is not only the most economical way to create a modern heating installation and prepare hot water, but also effective, especially when underfloor heating is used. Installing a gas installation also allows you to use gas for the kitchen, which promotes healthier cooking. However, it requires a gas connection.

Heat pump heating:
For areas without access to gas, a heat pump becomes an attractive alternative. Although its installation is more expensive, it brings long-term operational savings compared to gas heating. The use of underfloor heating on various levels of the building guarantees efficiency and comfort. It is also an attractive solution when planning an extensive photovoltaic installation, which reduces heating costs to a minimum.

Electric heating:
An alternative for areas without access to gas or when a heat pump is too expensive. Often used in combination with a photovoltaic installation, which reduces operating costs. However, with high electricity prices, heating costs may be higher than with other systems.

Recuperation in an energy-efficient building: AB 121
In a perfectly insulated building, where all partitions - walls, roof, floor on the ground - are tightly insulated, ventilation plays an important role in reducing heat losses. Traditional gravity ventilation is the main source of heat loss. To prevent this, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, i.e. room recuperation, is used. Energy-efficient houses, especially those with a passive standard, are usually equipped with this system.

Advantages of recuperation:
Recuperation not only saves on heating, but also brings a number of benefits:

  1. Air filtering: The recuperator is equipped with a filter that cleanses the air entering the building from pollutants.
  2. Fresh air: Used air is removed and replaced with fresh air in proportion, which ensures constant air circulation.
  3. Reduction of dust and allergens: Filters in the recuperator retain dust, impurities and allergens.
  4. Reduction of insects: The grille on the air intake and filters reduce the presence of insects.
  5. No external noise: The need to open windows is reduced.
  6. Elimination of the chimney: The ability to resign from the chimney provides additional space and eliminates thermal bridges.
  7. Increased comfort: Heat recovery affects the comfort of using the building.

How does recuperation work?
In the building, each room has either air supply or exhaust air. In rooms such as the living room or bedroom, it is the supply of fresh air, while in the kitchen, bathroom or utility room, it is the exhaust of stale air. Warm exhaust air heats the supply air, but the two types do not mix. Energy (heat) is transferred in the recuperator, where part of the heat is recovered from the exhaust air and heats the supply air.

The window joinery in our homes is a unique combination of both PVC and aluminum profiles, made of the highest quality components. Our team of advisors specializes in preparing detailed price simulations for both variants, providing comprehensive support and advice.

It is worth noting that due to structural conditions, sometimes aluminum joinery becomes the only possible solution. Especially in the case of the AB 121 house model, where the visible, impressive glass facade is made of aluminum profiles. The situation is similar in the case of large, sliding external windows of the HS type.

At ATEPAA Buildings, we focus on the so-called "warm window installation", which means not only precise installation, but also attention to thermal insulation and tightness. This approach not only guarantees aesthetic and functional windows, but also ensures optimal thermal protection inside the building.

The doors in the AB121 design represent minimalism in form, while maintaining a very high standard of safety. Our doors are offered in two versions: steel and the recommended aluminum one.

Characterized by simplicity and elegance, aluminum doors set a modern standard. Their design not only emphasizes the minimalist nature of the design, but also ensures excellent safety parameters. The high quality of the materials used in production guarantees not only solidity, but also aesthetics that perfectly matches the concept of the AB121 house.

Our company, with its own furniture design department and advanced production, offers comprehensive solutions in the field of furniture, equipment and wall coverings. We are the only player on a European scale that can offer comprehensive interior furnishings.

Thanks to our construction knowledge and advanced production, we are able to implement the most demanding furniture designs and comprehensive interior finishing. Our solutions are not only functional, but also of the highest quality, which allows us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Please contact our team. Our specialists will be happy to prepare a complete range of information for you, including the necessary details and a quote. The next step is to comprehensively complete the information, which will allow us to individualize the offer, adapting it to your needs and expectations.

We are ready to help and answer all your questions to provide you with clarity and full information at every stage of the process. Our team of specialists will do everything to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized offer tailored to your requirements.

Thanks to in-depth construction knowledge and advanced production capabilities, our company is able to implement even the most sophisticated furniture designs and comprehensive interior arrangements. Our solutions are not only functional, but above all exceptional quality, which allows us to meet even the most demanding customer expectations.

Our team of specialists has a dedicated approach to each project, taking care of the aesthetics, functionality and durability of our products. Thanks to this, our furniture and arrangement solutions not only stand out with their unique design, but also provide unrivaled satisfaction to our customers.

In the AB 121 project, we can use various types of floors, such as Barlinek boards, LVT panels and traditional tiles. In the pricing and personalization process, we offer quotes for all variants. Additionally, we offer modern ceramic tiles in technical areas and bathrooms.

The AB 121 project assumes the use of diversified internal joinery. We offer doors with wall coverings, glass doors for wardrobes, as well as traditional solutions, but with the highest quality of workmanship.

Plasters on walls and ceilings are an excellent solution for areas where we did not plan to use ceramic tiles or wall coverings in the AB121 project. We provide our clients with perfectly made surfaces thanks to the use of durable Fermacell boards. Thanks to it, each wall and ceiling is not only exceptionally durable, but also has a perfectly smooth surface.

Wall coverings in the A 121 project are a modern form of wall finishing, combining practical and luxurious solutions. They give interiors a pleasant look, offering many color and wood finishing options.

The heart of the home - our company specializes in designing, constructing and producing kitchens tailored to individual needs. We offer high-quality Blum fittings, made of the best EGGER boards. Our kitchens are adapted to various budgets and equipped with lacquered furniture fronts. A wide selection of kitchen countertops includes conglomerate, laminate and HPL.

Our offer includes full bathroom equipment, including accessories, tailored to various needs. Therefore, in the AB 121 project we have the option of individual personalization,

We provide comprehensive, perfectly matched furniture units, perfectly matched to the AB121 house design. Prefabrication and precision of workmanship allow the furniture to be prepared in advance and assembled immediately after the walls are finished.

We offer comprehensive terrace equipment, including construction and outdoor furniture, which we produce ourselves. We want to provide you with a fully equipped house that will please the eye and meet your expectations immediately after assembly.

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The closed shell state is an option for those who want to be partially involved in construction works, reducing the implementation costs. This is a stage that includes a finished structure with closed ceilings and joinery elements, opening up the possibility of further finishing according to your preferences.

This option gives you the freedom to decide on the interior finish and leaves room for personalization. The closed shell structure is a solid base on which you can build further, deciding on internal details, the choice of materials and the arrangement of space according to your own style.

This is a perfect solution for those who value flexibility and want to contribute to the construction process. The closed shell state opens the possibility of saving at certain stages of construction, while maintaining control over the quality and direction of the final interior finishing.

On the ATEPAA ® BUILDINGS side :
Construction of the building foundation (optional) / Closed house structure with roof covering / External walls (optionally insulated) and internal walls / Energy-saving doors and windows / Transport / Assembly

On the client side:
Implementation of the installation and finishing of the building facade / Execution of screeds and floor insulation / Installation of suspended ceilings with insulation / Interior finishing / Installation of furniture and furniture

The developer's standard, which is the most common choice of investors, is a comprehensive package including the finishing of the building's facade, floor screeds and installations with heating and ventilation systems.

Choosing developer status is an option for those who want to have solid construction work done and at the same time maintain flexibility in interior finishing. This package provides a finished building facade, creating an aesthetic external appearance, and also provides a base for subsequent finishing works inside.

In addition to the facade, the development stage includes floor screeds, which constitute the foundation for further floor finishing. Additionally, the installations along with the complete heating and ventilation system are ready for further use and expansion, which gives you freedom in planning interior furnishings.

This is a solution for people who value time and solid workmanship. The development status allows you to start finishing works quickly and effectively, while leaving plenty of room for personalization and adaptation of the interior to your needs and preferences.

The turnkey option is a comprehensive service that covers construction and complete interior finishing. This is a solution that provides a house ready to move in - you simply receive the keys and you can enjoy your new place.

Thanks to Stan turnkey, you don't have to worry about any stage of construction. We will take care of everything - from the foundations to the last finishing detail. We will take care of the facade, floors, installations, bathroom equipment, kitchen - everything that will make your house ready for immediate occupancy.

Handing over the keys to a finished house is not only about receiving the property. This is the moment when you can start a new chapter of your life in comfortable and refined interiors, without the need for further finishing works. This is a dream come true of a ready-made, well-kept house from the very beginning.

The extended turnkey option is a comprehensive service that covers implementation from scratch to full interior finishing. This means not only handing over the keys to a house ready to move in, but also the opportunity to adapt all the furniture and equipment to your needs.

As part of the extended package, you have complete freedom in configuring the interior. You can choose furniture, household appliances and other equipment that will perfectly reflect your lifestyle and taste. Additionally, we offer delivery and transportation of movable furniture that is not included in the standard package.

Handing over the keys to the finished house is the moment when everything is tailored to your expectations. These are ready-made interiors, arranged according to your choices, where you can immediately start a new chapter of life in a home that reflects your preferences and style. It is a convenient and comprehensive solution that allows you to enjoy a house ready to move in from day one.

The premium turnkey option means not only comprehensive interior finishing, but also attention to the smallest details. As part of this option, we offer all the elements of the extended package, and additionally complement the interiors with the smallest decorative accessories and a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms.

In addition to furniture and household appliances, the premium package also includes all the small details that create a unique atmosphere at home. Wall and floor decorations or the smallest decorative accessories - all this will be matched to the interior design, giving them character and individual style.

We offer our clients comprehensive equipment for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. The kitchen will be equipped with plates, glasses and cutlery, and bathrooms and other places will receive a full set of necessary accessories.

Handing over the keys to a ready-made house in the premium version means ready and comprehensively equipped interiors that not only meet expectations, but exceed them, creating a unique place ready to live immediately and enjoy every detail. This is a solution for those who value perfection and completeness at every stage of finishing the house.

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