An innovative house created in a revolutionized barn structure

Modern barn AB 123

Modern aesthetics shows the possibilities offered by wooden construction.

House Bill AB123

An innovative house with a garage, built based on the revolutionary concept of converted barns, fully uses ecological frame technology. This unique residence is a perfect symphony between sustainability and modern aesthetics, showcasing the potential offered by wooden construction.

The external façade, created thanks to the latest ecological frame technologies, is a combination of tradition and modernity. Solid walls made of KVH wood (C24), filled with mineral wool insulation, guarantee excellent thermal protection with minimal impact on the environment. Covered with Fermacell boards, both inside and outside, they provide a durable and ecological construction solution.

The interior delights with a harmonious combination of modern design and ecological values. The space, open and full of natural light, tempts with spaciousness and closeness to the surrounding world. Wooden beams and structures constitute not only a structural foundation, but also an ecological decoration, creating a unique harmony with nature.

Carefully selected interiors demonstrate commitment to an ecologically luxurious lifestyle. The use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials emphasizes a modern and conscious approach to aesthetics. The use of green energy systems further emphasizes the commitment to sustainable living, presenting a vision of forward-looking and responsible housing solutions.

Model House AB123


The ground floor plan of the AB123 single-family house by ATEPAA was created with the functionality and comfort of the residents in mind. It harmoniously combines common and private areas, creating a smooth and comfortable room layout that perfectly meets the needs of everyday family life.

* It is possible to build a house with a two-car garage

Model House AB123


The floor plan of the AB123 house created by ATEPAA focuses on ensuring functionality and comfort. This harmonious arrangement includes two or three bedrooms, a dressing room and a spacious bathroom. These rooms have been planned to ensure comfort and intimacy for residents, while creating a coherent and ergonomic space for relaxation and everyday family activities.

Cross-section of the house

The cross-sectional shape of a modern barn is perfectly adapted to residential functions. The project will be perfect in response to individual preferences and adaptation plans.

Building height: 8.22 m
Height to the eaves: 4.82 m

129.24 m2
Garage 29.27 m2

1. WIND CATCH 4.17 m²
4.OFFICE 8.86 m²
5. BEDROOM 8.89 m²
6. WARDROBE 1.88 m²
7. BEDROOM 9.92 m² 8. WARDROBE 3.07 m²
10.KITCHEN 8.96 m²
11. PANTRY 3.11 m²
12. BATHROOM 3.76 m²
13. BATHROOM 10.59 m²
14. WARDROBE 5.36 m²
G. GARAGE 25.68 m²

22.30 x 19.26 m

4 rooms

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The structure, created using the latest ecological frame technologies, is a combination of tradition and modernity. Its walls made of solid KVH C24 wood are filled with mineral wool insulation, ensuring optimal thermal insulation with minimal impact on the environment. Covered both inside and outside with Fermacell boards, they provide a durable and ecological construction solution.

See below for more detailed information about the technology used in the AB121 model

Yes. Single-station
* On request, it is possible to build a two-car garage

Thanks to in-depth construction knowledge and advanced production capabilities, our company is able to implement even the most sophisticated furniture designs and comprehensive interior arrangements. Our solutions are not only functional, but above all exceptional quality, which allows us to meet even the most demanding customer expectations.

Our team of specialists has a dedicated approach to each project, taking care of the aesthetics, functionality and durability of our products. Thanks to this, our furniture and arrangement solutions not only stand out with their unique design, but also provide unrivaled satisfaction to our customers.

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The closed shell state is an option for those who want to be partially involved in construction works, reducing the implementation costs. This is a stage that includes a finished structure with closed ceilings and joinery elements, opening up the possibility of further finishing according to your preferences.

This option gives you the freedom to decide on the interior finish and leaves room for personalization. The closed shell structure is a solid base on which you can build further, deciding on internal details, the choice of materials and the arrangement of space according to your own style.

This is a perfect solution for those who value flexibility and want to contribute to the construction process. The closed shell state opens the possibility of saving at certain stages of construction, while maintaining control over the quality and direction of the final interior finishing.

On the ATEPAA ® BUILDINGS side :
Construction of the building foundation (optional) / Closed house structure with roof covering / External walls (optionally insulated) and internal walls / Energy-saving doors and windows / Transport / Assembly

On the client side:
Implementation of the installation and finishing of the building facade / Execution of screeds and floor insulation / Installation of suspended ceilings with insulation / Interior finishing / Installation of furniture and furniture

The developer's standard, which is the most common choice of investors, is a comprehensive package including the finishing of the building's facade, floor screeds and installations with heating and ventilation systems.

Choosing developer status is an option for those who want to have solid construction work done and at the same time maintain flexibility in interior finishing. This package provides a finished building facade, creating an aesthetic external appearance, and also provides a base for subsequent finishing works inside.

In addition to the facade, the development stage includes floor screeds, which constitute the foundation for further floor finishing. Additionally, the installations along with the complete heating and ventilation system are ready for further use and expansion, which gives you freedom in planning interior furnishings.

This is a solution for people who value time and solid workmanship. The development status allows you to start finishing works quickly and effectively, while leaving plenty of room for personalization and adaptation of the interior to your needs and preferences.

The turnkey option is a comprehensive service that covers construction and complete interior finishing. This is a solution that provides a house ready to move in - you simply receive the keys and you can enjoy your new place.

Thanks to Stan turnkey, you don't have to worry about any stage of construction. We will take care of everything - from the foundations to the last finishing detail. We will take care of the facade, floors, installations, bathroom equipment, kitchen - everything that will make your house ready for immediate occupancy.

Handing over the keys to a finished house is not only about receiving the property. This is the moment when you can start a new chapter of your life in comfortable and refined interiors, without the need for further finishing works. This is a dream come true of a ready-made, well-kept house from the very beginning.

The extended turnkey option is a comprehensive service that covers implementation from scratch to full interior finishing. This means not only handing over the keys to a house ready to move in, but also the opportunity to adapt all the furniture and equipment to your needs.

As part of the extended package, you have complete freedom in configuring the interior. You can choose furniture, household appliances and other equipment that will perfectly reflect your lifestyle and taste. Additionally, we offer delivery and transportation of movable furniture that is not included in the standard package.

Handing over the keys to the finished house is the moment when everything is tailored to your expectations. These are ready-made interiors, arranged according to your choices, where you can immediately start a new chapter of life in a home that reflects your preferences and style. It is a convenient and comprehensive solution that allows you to enjoy a house ready to move in from day one.

The premium turnkey option means not only comprehensive interior finishing, but also attention to the smallest details. As part of this option, we offer all the elements of the extended package, and additionally complement the interiors with the smallest decorative accessories and a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms.

In addition to furniture and household appliances, the premium package also includes all the small details that create a unique atmosphere at home. Wall and floor decorations or the smallest decorative accessories - all this will be matched to the interior design, giving them character and individual style.

We offer our clients comprehensive equipment for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. The kitchen will be equipped with plates, glasses and cutlery, and bathrooms and other places will receive a full set of necessary accessories.

Handing over the keys to a ready-made house in the premium version means ready and comprehensively equipped interiors that not only meet expectations, but exceed them, creating a unique place ready to live immediately and enjoy every detail. This is a solution for those who value perfection and completeness at every stage of finishing the house.

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